AC repairs
ProTech Automotive in Austin, TX is your #1 source for full service automotive AC repair. We offer many auto A/C services from system performance checks with freon recharges to major system rebuilds with our complete system replacement packages. So when your car, truck or van has lost it’s cool, let our master AC service technicians repair it right the first time and at the best price possible.

Minor Air Conditioner System Servicing
Includes: system performance check and system recharge with up to 1 can of R134A refrigerant.

Recharge with system preformance check starts at $49.95*

Major Air Conditioner System Rebuilds Include

  • New AC compressor
  • New accumulator / dryer
  • Master O-ring replacement kit
  • Recommended AC system oils
  • 1 quart pro AC system flush kit
  • 3lbs of R134 refrigerent

We install a new A/C compressor unit, perform a complete flush of the evaporator core and condenser cores, replace the orifice tube or expansion valve, tests system for leaks, evacuate and recharge the system.

Major system rebuilding starts at $329.95*

*A/C kit price based on standard GM system, Kit prices vary per the application of your vehicle. Kit prices DO NOT include labor, refrigerant, supplies and taxes.

Additional Information:
You are replacing your original compressor for a reason. You must be prepared to replace additional components of the A/C system if your system suffered a catastrophic failure, i.e., the unit locked up or has sever audible noise which will produce metal debris that may be strewn throughout the entire system. The technician will to make sure the System is cleaned properly, weather through the use of a system flushing procedure or the replacement of damaged, debris contaminated components.

Receiver driers or accumulators and expansion devices should be replaced at the time the A/C system compressor is replaced. They act like filters for your air conditioning system, and should be replaced just like an oil filter during an engine oil change.

Be prepared to replace the condenser, and relieved if you don’t have to do so. The condenser sits right up front of the radiator, and cools down the refrigerant. Many times they become internally restricted from compressor failure and will block the flow of the refrigerant or may have external damage from rocks, road debris & bugs, all of which may cause high system pressure build up which will damage a new compressor.

If your automotive technician is advising you to replace more components then you thought you would need to he is only trying to save you from having to repair your system again and again, also providing you with the best possible warranty available. The cost of doing it right the first time will be well worth it in the long run.