1969 Mustang 1
Ever wanted to turn your old carbureted engine to a more fuel efficient electronic fuel injection? Well now you can with Accel’s multiport electronic fuel injection systems. Not only will this increase your performance and drivability, it will make your engine much more fuel efficient and optimal for everyday driving. Give us a call and let our certified Accel DFI Thruster EFI Engine Management technician give you more information on which kit is best suited for your vehicle.

ACCEL DFI’s revolutionary Thruster EFI engine management systems are the only true sequential aftermarket volumetric efficiency-based EFI systems in their class. The Thrusters have been designed to run everything from mild street cars to all-out race vehicles, whether they’re naturally aspirated, supercharged, or nitrous-injected. The Thrusters can also change with your needs, as the systems can be upgraded if your engine configuration is modified.