Differential Rebuild 5
Why choose ProTech Automotive to repair, rebuild or overhaul your transmission? The short answer is we know our driveline and understand that costly transmission repairs can be unpleasant. Therefore we’ll give you a fair and accurate driveline repair quote before working on your transmission. To give you a better idea of what it takes to rebuild your transmission, here’s a brief explantion of how it works. The driveline consists of all the components that couple the engine to the wheels, the clutch, and transmission, be it standard or automatic, the drive shaft or CV shafts and the differential or drive axle unit. All these components must work together to move the vehicle down the road safely. To properly repair these components, it takes a lot of experience and knowledge before tackling on these projects.

Normally when differential repairs are required it is due to lack of service and the fluid has broken down and the metal parts start eating themselves up, so proper servicing of the differential is important. If you find yourself needing a rebuild the professionals at ProTech Automotive have years of knowledge on rebuilding differentials and repairing them.

When rebuilding an automatic transmission quality parts are a must, we install a complete master rebuild kit including new clutches, bands, gaskets and seals, we install a quality remanufactured torque converter, inspect all the electronics for problems and completely go through the valve body to clean out any debris that could cause a sticking valve and a shift problem.

Replacing CV or drive axle boots have almost become a thing of the past, the cost of a complete remanufactured or in most cases New axle shaft has come way down in most cases less than $150.00 for each axle or CV shaft.

The Clutch unit is still a normal wear item and somewhere between 60 to 100,000 it will have to be replaced, we use quality parts and we always resurface the flywheel when performing basic clutch replacement .

The experts at ProTech Automotive in Austin, TX are fully skilled in major driveline repairs, from automatic and standard transmission overhauls, axle shaft and drive shaft repairs to complex differential repairs we can handle all your repair needs. We’re the Austin Transmission Repair Specialist.